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A Make My Calls Automated Dialing system features state of the art auto dialer software with Scheduler, Hot Transfer, and Do Not Call scrubbing Features are Included. Get your leads while they are hot with this incredible phone dialer system. We also carry a number of other products with these outstanding features, including our automated dialers and the systems that they operate on.

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Auto Dialers Features:

Make calling reservations with an autodialer hours, days, weeks, months in advance with the Scheduler on our automatic phone dialer systems. Select different lists to call, scripts to use, and start and stop times for each reservation. 
Act immediately when you receive a response with the Hot Transfer Feature on our autodialers. Hot Transfer will transfer live calls directly to your number so you can close the deal NOW.  
Make your calls with confidence using our Do Not Call Scrubbing software. Designed from the ground up to work with the National Do Not Call Registry, DNC Security is included with any dialer purchase.  
Search and create sublists based on zip codes, names, numbers, etc to target your market.  
Automatically set your redial settings to complete all of your calls.
Answering machine detection can leave a message specifically targeted for answering machines.  
Create and maintain various databases of phone numbers.  
Import list from external sources. 
Keeps track of your internal Do Not Call numbers. 
Allows called party to be automatically added to your Do Not Call list. 
Runs unattended for days or weeks. 
Easiest software program to use on the market. 
Record your message over a microphone or the telephone. 
Keeps track of all of your call results in real-time. 
Import wizard for easy data entry. 
Seven campaigns to choose from. 
Make over 16,000 calls per day. 
Brand New Intel-Dialogic Voicecards - not used! 

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